Wide plank flooring is among the most popular hardwood options for today’s buyers, and is now a mainstay in the industry alongside traditional width hardwood. Its advanced construction and expanded surface appeal call forth a high-end look and feel that can be treasured in a home for decades. Wide plank hardwood floors create a more smooth and uniform presence in each room, and installation requires fewer planks and materials. In engineered hardwood form, these floors can be applied to all grades of the home, over both wooden and concrete sub-floors. Depending on color, texture and structural requirements, there are multiple ways that wide plank flooring can be custom-fitted to correlate with the personality and taste of various spaces.

wide plank hardwood floor measure

Wide-plank hardwood floors are anywhere between 5-20 inches in width.


Wide plank flooring is defined as having a plank width that is 5 inches or wider. SimpleFLOORS offers an extended-width wide plank hardwood measures 11-1/4” wide in six stylish colors, shown here in our Antiguo Collection.   This wide width offers unique definition for each flooring plank. There is also a range of tones and textures that wide plank flooring offers to complement different styles. Our Antiguo Collection for instance features several distinct colors that range from traditional warm colors to the newly popular cool tones. Each hardwood flooring plank also contain distinct patterns of knots, grain and natural markings that add character and color depth. These floors, can make a space look larger (in the case of lighter tones), or more refined and elegant (in the case of darker hues).

Granada wide plank engineered hardwood floor

Granada, as pictured in this room scene, is a wide-plank engineered hardwood floor with a beautiful-brown tone.

Wide plank flooring adds a unique presence to any home, office or general space. As every space is different, the question of which applications a wide plank hardwood floor works best in ultimately rests on the design and specifications of each project. Weigh the benefits of each floor, and seek advice from our personal flooring consultants at 1.800.220.7112 to make the best pick for your project.