Wide Hardwood Floors

Wide hardwood floors set the interior design trend for chic and more customary flooring.

Wide hardwood floors are becoming more and more popular. We are not quite sure why, but gone are the days of narrow solid hardwood floors.

When it comes to solid, wide hardwood floors you want to make sure you get a species or a structure that will maintain its integrity through the change of seasons. One of the best collections we sell at simpleFLOORS is the Reclamation Plank Collection.

This collection of solid, wide hardwood floors is made from Acacia, White Oak, or Maple. The design is meant to mimic reclaimed wood floors. The planks are a sturdy 7 7/8″ wide that is constructed using strips of wood melded together. This makes for an amazing floor. You get the beauty of the wide board and the classic look of a narrow board all in one piece of wood.

The Reclamation Plank collection of wide hardwood floors is 3/4″ thick solid and it comes in 6′ foot lengths. It is perfect for nailing down to a wooden subfloor or floating over a concrete floor. If do plan on floating the floor make sure you follow the manufacturers recommendations exactly.

Wide hardwood floors are the wave of the future. If you are living in an old school home with dated 2″ oak strips now is the time to branch out and get something wider.