whats new in flooring

Petrified Strand Eucalyptus flooring boasts an exotic style that is in sync with modern style preferences.

People are always wondering what’s new in hardwood floors. So today we are going to showcase one of the latest solid hardwood flooring choices out there…petrified stand woven eucalyptus.

This new collection of floors is made in the same way they make strand woven bamboo, but instead of using bamboo they use the wood of a eucalyptus tree. They cut the wood from the tree, shred it into little pieces, and compact it into a solid sturdy block of wood.

simpleFLOORS offers these floors in five amazing colors. They come with a Janka hardness rating of 3,000 pounds which makes them super strong. We back them up with a 25 year wear warranty and a lifetime structural warranty.

Now that you know what’s new in hardwood floors give us a call or stop by a showroom and see and feel these hot new floors for yourself.