wide-plank floor

Wide-plank flooring provides your home natural grandeur with enhanced structural support.

Many homeowners today are looking for traditional hardwood flooring that gives a unique look to their home. At simpleFLOORS one of our most original looks comes from our Old World Chisel Collection. Once you install one of these beautiful engineered hardwood flooring designs, you can rest assured that your guests will be ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the distinctive style of each individual plank.

What makes this collection so unique is the blend of two hand scraping techniques from the past that have been revived with today’s newest technology. The two “old school” hand scraping techniques used are called Chisel Impact and Coarse Effect. These hand crafted chisel-scraping techniques use an unstructured method that emphasizes the distinctive characteristics of the selected grains of each species. The fact that each plank is hand-chiseled makes it so that no two planks are exactly alike. This will create a timeless style by the mixing of historic designs with modern shapes and wood species, allowing you to have a floor that is truly unique.

This collection of engineered hardwood floors features a premium-grade wide-plank (5”) and is made from a variety of Acacia, Maple, Hickory, Natural Elm, and Oak veneers. The wide variety of wood species in this collection is complimented by the fourteen different colors that further help to enhance the uniqueness of your hardwood floor.

If you would like to see this collection of vintage natural hardwoods in real life stop by a simpleFLOORS store or give our eSales team a call.