Our underlayment protects your floors by offering moisture resistance and other benefits.

Our underlayment protects your floors by offering moisture resistance, sound ratings, and other benefits.

In the process of choosing floors for your residence, proper installation is just as important as quality guarantee, playing a crucial role in giving your home the appeal and durability it requires. For this reason, securing the proper installation for any premium-grade selection of flooring involves a crucial combination of underlayment and trims. Underlayment is not only the root of durable flooring in your home, but is also the shield that maintains the integrity of your floors and keeps your flooring and warranty in tact for years to come.

When you are using a floating flooring product (whether it be wood, laminate, cork, or bamboo) you will need an underlayment. If you are going over a concrete subfloor you will also need a vapor barrier (a 6mil plastic). You will lay down the vapor barrier if necessary, tape the seams, then lay down your underlayment. There are multiple underlayments available, and the higher end ones will absorb more sound and vibration and make your floor sound more solid. This is true on both wooden or concrete subfloors. Low end underlayments will still cover your warranty but tend toward a more hollow or “clicky/tap-dance” sound when you walk on your floor.

Our selection of underlayment features Redux, Purple, 3-in-1 Silver Series and 2-in-1 Moisture Resistant in addition to Aquabar and Vapor Barrier. These lines of underlayment can be used for all of our premium-grade hardwood, bamboo, cork and laminate flooring. Our trim offerings coordinate exceptionally well with all of our floor collections, ensuring all installation materials work together to produce a favorable flooring project with a quality-guaranteed finish. Browse through our full selection of underlayment, trims and accessories to take advantage of premium resources for your successful floor installation.