Today, consumers of hardwood floors are on the hunt for a really high Janka hardness rating. The Janka hardness rating indicates how high the relative hardness of a wood species is.  The Janka test measures the amount of force that it takes to chip or dent a particular type of wood. The test is conducted by dropping a steel ball that is approximately .444 inches in width unto the surface of wood being tested. The test allures buyers of the amount of stability and thickness that an exceptional wood breed bears. The rating is measured in pounds of force per square inch. So with this knowledge, naturally consumers want a piece of wood with the highest Janka rating. However, before making the assumption that higher Janka ratings suggest higher quality wood, you will need to understand two common misconceptions made when referring to Janka ratings.

Sunstone, among our Petrified Strand Eucalyptus line, possesses one of the highest  Janka ratings of all our solid hardwoods.

Sunstone, among our Petrified Strand Eucalyptus line, possesses one of the highest Janka ratings of all our solid hardwoods.

The most common assumption that consumers make is that a high Janka Rating will prevent scratches on their new floor. This is far from the truth. It is true that the harder the wood is the more difficult it will be for that floor to be dented, but denting and scratching are two very different things. Even the hardest woods are prone to scratches, so no matter what type of hardwood you own, you should be cautious when moving heavy objects across your delicate, traditional floor.

The second mistake people make when searching for a durable hardwood, is to assume that the Janka rating applies to engineered hardwoods. This is also not the case. The only planks that are used in Janka testing  is solid hardwood. Engineered hardwoods have only a 3mm layer of solid wood species on top of a cross-constructed wood grain plank and are therefore exempt from Janka hardness ratings. Even though engineered hardwoods cannot be tested for their Janka hardness rating, they are still extremely durable floors that can withstand every day wear and tear, and can be easily installed over concrete, slab and other surfaces. All of simpleFLOORS’ engineered hardwoods come with a 25 year warranty. However, if you are concerned about the Janka ratings of your floor, keep in mind that if you have engineered hardwood, you cannot use Janka ratings to measure its hardness.

At simpleFLOORS, we have two distinct solid hardwood collections that contain the highest Janka ratings out of all our classic hardwood lines. Our Passport II collection features two distinctive types of Brazilian Rosewood, each holding a Janka rating of 2800 lbs. Secondly, our Petrified Strand Eucalyptus collection showcases our alluring Eucalyptus trees, all boasting a Janka rating of 3000 lbs. We offer these exotic hardwoods in various sizes and assortments.

If you are interested in either of these two collections of durable hardwoods, stop by your nearest simpleFLOORS location or give one of our personal flooring consultants a call at 800-220-7112.