Premium Green Strand Woven Bamboo Zebrano Charred

The beautiful contrast of dark and light colors in this Zebrano Charred strand woven bamboo floor can boost your mood by creative positive energy throughout the room.

Designers and home owners are often looking for a strand woven bamboo floor that will make a huge design statement in a home. One of our favorite “statement” floors is our Premium Green Nature Strand Woven in the Zebrano Charred coloring.

This strand woven bamboo floor is made by combining both the carbonized strand bamboo and the natural strand woven into one beautiful piece of flooring. The picture above shows the charred color which highlights the darker bamboo, but we also sell a version we call Raw that highlights the lighter tones.

As with any strand woven bamboo flooring choice the Janka rating is about 3000 pounds meaning that the floor is not only making a high impact statement, it can also take most high impacts with out any damage. The strand woven charred is perfect for people who like to entertain, but don’t want to worry about their floors. Woven bamboo floors are also great for people who have active lifestyles, but don’t want drab carpets.

simpleFLOORS also offers a wide range of other strand woven bamboo floors to suit a less exotic design taste. We offer these bamboo floors in both smooth and handscraped as well as solid floors or engineered floors. All bamboo floors are great for people looking for a flooring product that is sustainable.