Strand Woven Bamboo
In recent years, the popularity of bamboo flooring has risen substantially because of its high sustainability and Eco-friendly reputation. Another reason that demand has sky-rocketed for this green floor is that it is an extremely durable alternative to traditional hardwood that is less prone to dents from high heels and heavy furniture. Some flooring companies would like you to believe that this is true for all bamboo flooring, but the truth is that solid bamboo floors are no more durable that a traditional maple hardwood floor.

For customers looking for a bamboo floor that lives up to its durable and dependable reputation, check out simple FLOORS Nature Strand Woven and Strand Woven Wire Brushed collections. The reason these two collections are a more durable option than solid bamboo floors is because of their strand woven construction. In the strand woven process, each bamboo plant is stripped apart piece by piece by hand and then pressed together to create solid wood planks. The amount of pressure inflicted upon the wood planks is what makes the texture of strand woven bamboo more compact and stable than solid bamboo. These two collections of sustainable hardwood floors have a Janka hardness rating of 3000 lbs. It is twice the hardness rating of solid bamboo floors which have a Janka rating of around 1500 lbs.

Our two collections of Premium-Green strand woven bamboo are pre-finished and premium grade textured, ranging in a diverse array of colors and styles. Each plank is wire brushed with a ½” thickness. These floors also have four-sided tongue-and-groove micro-beveled edges. Its wire brushed finish includes a 7-layer UV-cured aluminum oxide acrylic that solidifies its unique pattern and overtone.

If you want to see for yourself just how durable these collections of bamboo flooring are, you can request free samples. Stop in your nearest simpleFLOORS location to get a feel for these floors in person. If you don’t live near a store or prefer not to drive, you can request to have them shipped to your home, job, or one of 500 U.S. pick-up locations. Call 800.722.7112 and our personal flooring consultants will take care of the rest.