Strand Bamboo

Strand-woven bamboo reigns as one of the strongest, most sustainable floors in our stock.

Strand bamboo flooring, or as some people call it, strand woven bamboo flooring. is among some of the hardest flooring products on the market today. This type of bamboo flooring is fast becoming the go to flooring choice when people are looking for something durable, yet sustainable.

Sustainable flooring is one of the fastest growing sectors in the flooring business and part of that is because of the popularity of strand bamboo. Unlike their traditional bamboo flooring counterparts, strand woven bamboo flooring is nearly as hard as exotic woods like Brazilian Ipe/Walnut or Brazilian Cherry floors. Strand bamboo floors rate a shocking 3000 pounds on the Janka hardness scale.

Strand bamboo flooring is also becoming popular because it is made from a sustainable material. When you cut a tree down to make hardwood floors the tree is gone forever. However, when you cut a bamboo stalk down to its base it will grow back to flooring material size in 5-7 years.

People also like strand bamboo floors because they come in a wide variety of colors and textures that are not possible with traditional bamboo. Strand woven bamboo floors are also great because they can be installed in a variety of methods. Woven bamboo flooring can be installed over concrete by either floating or gluing the bamboo floor planks down. They can also be nailed over a wooden subfloor if needed.

simpleFLOORS offers a wide variety of solid and engineered strand bamboo floors. All of our bamboo floors come with an 8 coat mixture of aluminum oxide/polyurethane finish. We also only source bamboo that is between 5 and 7 years old which is the optimal age for bamboo when making bamboo floors.

If you want free samples of some of our strand bamboo floors stop by a local simpleFLOORS store or give our eSales team a call. You don’t need a credit card to order our samples, all you need is a name and an address.