Realistic Laminate Floors

Handscraped laminate flooring, like our French Toast classic, offers new-aged style for all budget sizes.

Realistic laminate floors are in very high demand these days as consumers are wanting a hard surface flooring option that doesn’t break the bank, but also looks great. Laminate hardwood floors used to get a bad reputation for being very inauthentic looking, but today’s laminate flooring choices are full of realistic looks and feels.

simpleFLOORS recently introduced some hand-scraped and textured laminates that are sure to please any decorating eye as well as pretty much any budget. We sell a wide range of realistic laminate floors in a variety of color choices.

The above picture is of the Delano II Handscraped Collection in the French Toast color. This tasty collection of 12mm, AC3 rated laminate flooring is meant to mimic an handscraped wood floor. This collection of laminate hardwood flooring not only looks real, it feels real as well. The new process of “handscraping” a laminate allows flooring manufacturers the ability create textures that fit with design of the floor. This ability makes for laminates that look like the real deal.

simpleFLOORS also offers realistic laminate floors in their Classic Collection and their Handscraped Classic Collection. Both of these collections are high-definition pictures fused to an 8mm high density fibercore middle. This type of construction allows the laminate flooring to look amazing and last a very long time. Both of these collections come in a wide range of colors that will work in nearly every home.

Due to the invention of realistic laminate floors gone are the days that the only affordable, good looking option or floors as low grade carpet or cheap ceramic tile. These types of laminate floors are great for homes, offices, and rental units. They are made to look pretty and meant to last! Stop by a simpleFLOORS location today and pick-up your free samples! Hundreds of these laminate floors are in stock and ready for quick delivery!