The beautiful grain pattern and coloration seen in this Indocherry Kempas exotic hardwood floor makes it the highlight of any flooring space.

In the realm of flooring and interior design, personal customization is becoming more and more important to consumers. As we move towards a β€œme”-driven society, customers are more frequently searching for flooring that helps to define who they are as an individual. One of the trending qualities for popular hardwood flooring is authenticity with an eclectic design. It is for this reason that exotic hardwood floors have become an increasingly popular option over the years.

Many customers are drawn to the rare beauty of exotic and organic wood floors, containing wood species such as Teak, Acacia, and Brazilian Rosewood. Exotic hardwoods appeal boast natural beauty and sustainability, which is what wins the hearts of customers. These unique hardwoods come in many different styles that satisfy a diverse range of tastes. The elegant look and feel of exotic hardwood flooring can highlight a room and make a great statement for people who seek to add a unique personalized look to their own home or living space.

At simpleFLOORS, we carry several different types of exotic species such as Eucalyptus, Teak, Rosewood, Acacia, and Walnuts. These floors can be found in solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, and laminate forms. If you are looking for an exotic species in a solid hardwood plank, browse through our Reclamation Plank, Passport Collection II, and Petrified Strand Eucalyptus hardwood floor collections. If you prefer engineered hardwood flooring, you can find an exotic-styled hardwood floor in all five of our engineered hardwood collections. If you are concerned about eco-friendliness or affordability, then you might like one of our laminate floors which replicate the exact look of an exotic hardwood.
If you are looking to make a statement with your own personal flooring space, then stop by one of our beautiful designer showrooms today at your nearest simpleFLOORS store in order to check out our vast collection of beautiful exotic hardwood species. If you do not live near a simpleFLOORS outlet, give one of our personal flooring consultants a call at 800-220-7112 and ask them for free samples.