Aside from looks, all wood floors are designed to provide stability and functionality for your home, in addition to advanced architectural support. As a means of extending the livelihood and performance of hardwood floors, a polyurethane-based aluminum oxide finish is added to the surface of the floor during the manufacturing process. This applied finish offers a degree of independence for your flooring, furnishing it with the look and consistency that your home is entitled to. For those who are otherwise unfamiliar with aluminum oxide as an industry-advanced finish, there are several functions and benefits that this finish boasts for all hardwood floors.


uv-cured urethane aluminum oxide

UV-cured urethane aluminum oxide offers patented protection for hardwood flooring, keeping comfort and coherence in tact.


Aluminum oxide  is a clear, factory-based finish applied over pre-finished hardwood floors to ensure their protection and longevity, while keeping quality and appearance in tact. In the case of hardwood floors, it is ground into a fine powder, and is often added to a pre-existing UV-cured urethane finish. This combination of synthesized materials helps to maintain the structural coherence of your flooring, making it less vulnerable to abrasions as well as sun, heat and moisture damage.

Aluminum oxide offers a dense, tough-as-nails sandpaper consistency that boosts the protective capabilities of a standard UV-cured urethane finish. It is universally used in ceramic faucet valves and dental implants, and is notably fast-drying and relatively inexpensive for hardwood floor finishes. Moreover, an aluminum oxide finish for hardwood floors supplies a scratch and wear-and-tear retardant barrier that can last for up to 25 years. A UV-cured urethane aluminum oxide finish provides optimal structural assurance for hardwood floors and represses the need for refacing or refinishing.

Our hardwood floors independently offer durable support for the home, with a UV-cured urethane aluminum oxide finish that is guaranteed to extend the health and enjoyment of your floor. This is demonstrated for our full range of floor options, including Lexington engineered hardwood from our Aged Betula Collection and Brazilian Cherry laminate from the Masterpiece Collection. Coming in particularly handy for maintenance and general upkeep, our UV-cured aluminum oxide finish affords your flooring industry-proof protection with a smooth and polished outer layer. Get an account of the finished product by browsing through our full collection of hardwood flooring. If you need assistance, grab hold of one of our personal flooring consultants, available on-call at 800.220.7112 and through the live chat feature at the bottom on our site.