Photosensitive Hardwood Floors

The photo-sensitive story of Brazilian Rosewood bears a rich organic past with new-aged appeal.

Our favorite photosensitive hardwood floors story involves a friend of one of our employees. His friend, lets call him Jason, had purchased solid Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors from a competitor of simpleFLOORS. He had the floors installed, put down a few throw rugs, and went about his life.

About three months after the floors were installed Jason decided to throw a house warming party to show off his new place with the beautiful hardwood floors. Jason decided he wanted to show off the floors and removed the throw rugs to reveal his beautiful hardwood floors. As he removed the rugs Jason was shocked to find that his Brazilian Cherry floors had faded. He was not very happy. But the party was about to start so he had no time to call the company and complain.

When our employee arrived at the party, he complimented the floors (even though he didn’t buy them from simpleFLOORS). Jason went on to explain that he thinks he got defective floors because the rugs had sucked the color out of the hardwood flooring.

Our employee went on to explain to Jason that the floors didn’t fade nor did the carpet suck the color out. The truth was that Brazilian Cherry floors are one of the photosensitive hardwood floors popular with today’s homeowners. Had he bought his floors from a simpleFLOORS location he would have been informed that his floors would get darker over time and they if he had planned on putting throw rugs down he should either wait about 6 months or be prepared to have lighter places on the floor when the rugs are moved.

Brazilian Cherry is only one of many photosensitive hardwood floors on the market. Some other floors include Brazilain Walnut/Brazilian Ipe, Santos Mahogany, and Tigerwood.

A good flooring retailer will make sure their customers know what to expect when they purchase one of the many photosensitive hardwood floors on the market. The moral of the story is shop at a locally owned and operated simpleFLOORS and we will educate you about your flooring choices, not just sell you a floor on our spiff list.