Natural Hardwood Flooring

Our full range of natural hardwood breeds include Oak, Maple, Acacia and Hickory in addition to several other timbers.

Many people are looking for the classic elegance of natural wood flooring. simpleFLOORS sells several different hardwood flooring choices that come without a stain allowing the natural beauty of the flooring to shine through.

Our Terre Verte Collection contains several natural hardwood flooring choices. This collection of engineered hardwood flooring includes Brazilian Cherry floors, Santos Mahogany floors, Brazilian Ipe floors, and Natural Maple floors. All of them are finished with a durable coating consisting of 8 coats of aluminum oxide/polyurethane, but none of them are stained. The lack of stain on these engineered wood floors allows all the true characteristics and variations to shine through.

If you are looking for natural hardwood flooring with a textured finished check out our Old World Chisel Collection or our Vintage Couture Collection. Both are engineered wood floors that come hand-scraped and textured. The Old World Chisel line features natural acacia floors as well as a natural maple. The Vintage Couture collection includes Natural American Hickory floors and Natural American Cherry floors.

simpleFLOORS also offers a couple of solid natural hardwood flooring choices. We have a Natural Oak floor in our Reclamation Plank Collectionand and Natural Maple floor in our Chesterfield Maple Solid Collection.

If you would like to see these natural hardwood flooring option in real life stop by a simpleFLOORS store or give our eSales team a call. The stores have large displays for you to view in store or you can also take many of the samples home for free. Our flooring experts in our call center will gladly send you a free sample of any natural floor you would like.