New Laminate Floor Collections

Simple Floors has added two new collections to our laminate offering. These collections are both 12mm thick and are created with the newest in laminate manufacturing technology.

The first new laminate collection is named Northshore Plank. This collection have a unique multi-plank width look. Each laminate plank has the look of a 2-7/8″ and a 4-5/8″ wide plank. Along with the multi-plank visual, this laminate collection is also created using the Register Embossed surface technology providing a realistic look. The Northshore plank is available in five popular color options.

Northshore plank spruce laminate

Northshore Plank Spruce Laminate


The second laminate flooring collection to be added to our product offering is the Woodbridge Plank laminate collection. This collection is also a 12mm thick laminate and is also constructed using the latest laminate flooring technology. This collection offers six unique realistic color options. At 7-5/8″ wide, this laminate floor is a beautiful wide plank design.

woodbridge plank umber laminate floor

Woodbridge Plank Umber Laminate Floor

Visit to view these collections. These new laminate floor product are in the warehouses now and samples are available. Call 800.220.7112 to order your free laminate floor samples today!