installing strand woven bamboo

Strand-woven bamboo boasts a distinctively exotic pattern in addition to superb durability and structural integrity.

If you are thinking about installing strand woven bamboo flooring in your your home, but are concerned about the best installation method for strand woven don’t worry we will give you the run down.

The good news is that installing strand woven bamboo flooring in your home will be possible no matter what type of subfloor you have. If you have wood you can staple or glue. If you have concrete you can glue or float.

Installing strand woven bamboo flooring on a wooden subfloor allows the ability to staple the floors down with a felt paper between the bamboo floors and the subfloor. The stapling method is great, but it is something you probably want to leave to a professional. While the process of stapling is not hard the fact that the strand woven bamboo is so hard often makes it difficult for people installing strand woven bamboo floors for the first time.

Glue the bamboo floors down to the wooden subfloor is also an option. You will just want to make sure that adhesive you choose meets the specs given in the manufacturers installation guidelines. Again, the process isn’t hard to do, but if this is your first time installing strand woven bamboo flooring you may to get a professional installer or at the very least a friend who has installed bamboo floors before.

If you are installing strand woven bamboo flooring over concrete the preferred method is to glue, but if you have a slab with a high moisture content you may want to consider a floating floor installation. This is something that can be done by a first time installer, but you will want to make sure you read and follow the instructions given by the manufacturer. While it is relatively easy to do it is also easy to mess up if you don’t pay attention.

If you are planning on installing strand woven bamboo flooring in your home make sure to stop by one of our stores or call the eSales team. Our flooring experts and owner/operators will show you exactly how to install your new floors.