How to install laminae flooring over concrete.

Many simpleFLOORS customers are always wondering how to install laminate flooring over concrete. Below we will give a basic tutorial on what you need to do when installing laminate floors over a concrete slab.

The first thing you want to do is either buy a laminate underlayment that has a built in moisture barrier. If you don’t want to buy an underlay with a moisture barrier you can also purchase a 6mil vapor barrier. Either way you need something that will inhibit moisture.

The next step in how to install laminate flooring over concrete is to roll out your underlayment and/or the vapor barrier. If you are using a vapor barrier you will want to lay that out first and then roll the laminate underlay over top of the vapor barrier.

Once the underlayment is rolled out the next step is to start laying the floor. You will want to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines before you do this to make sure you are following their recommendations. Most manufacturers will require at least a 1/4″ space between the wall and the flooring. The easiest way to do make sure this happens is to purchase a laminate installation kit that contains spacers.

The next step is to start laying your floors. When laying your floors it is a good idea to work from several boxes to make sure the repeating patterns, that are standard in all laminate hardwoods, are scattered around the room or rooms. As you work you will want to use the end cuts to start your next row. Doing this isn’t required, but it will help reduce waste and save some time.

The final step in how to install laminate flooring over concrete is to install your quarter rounds or base boards. You have to use the quarter rounds or the base boards to cover the gap between the floors and the wall plus they will help keep the floors firmly planted against the subfloor.