If you’re like most homeowners, your house represents your largest single investment, so it only makes sense that the items you put into your home need to add value while meeting the needs of your family and budget.

One of the items that can add significant value to your home is hardwood floors. In fact, in a survey conducted by the National Wood Flooring Association with real estate agents across the country, 99% agree that homes with hardwood floors are easier to sell, 82% agree that homes with hardwood floors sell faster, and 90% agree that home with hardwood floors sell for more money. How much more? Eighty-eight percent of the agents responding indicated 1% – 10% more, while 12% of agents responding indicated more than 10%. Those figures speak volumes about the value of hardwood floors. Think about it. If a home valued at $200,000 were to invest $10,000 in hardwood flooring, at an increased home sales value of 10%, the home potentially could sell for $220,000, doubling the homeowner’s initial wood flooring investment.

Real estate agents report that their clients prefer wood floors for a variety of other reasons as well, with more than half responding that wood floors increase a home’s resale value, wood floors promote a healthier indoor living environment, wood floors are beautiful, and wood floors are easy to clean and maintain.

The word on the street is that carpet and laminate are a “flat line” to the value of your home and when potential buyers look at the home that is the first thing they would want to replace. Hardwood in all categories – solid, engineered, and strand woven (bamboo included) are all considered higher end floors and an increased value.

There is no doubt that wood floors will add value to your home, whether you plan to sell it soon, or live in it for years to come.