hardwood floors in southern california

Hardwood flooring is on the upward trend for buyers in California, supplying homes luxurious appeal for years to come.

simpleFLOORS as been selling hardwood floors in Southern California for about 8 years. Our first hardwood flooring store in the Los Angeles area was our Commerce Location. That location showcased our original concept, which was a large showroom attached to a warehouse. This allowed for fast and easy delivery of all our laminate hardwoods, engineered hardwood floors, as well as our other line of flooring options.

We followed the Commerce location with our San Diego location. This allowed us to provide hardwood floors in Southern California from Los Angeles to San Diego. This location was a smaller version of Commerce. We stocked a good selection of laminate floors, bamboo floors, and other types of flooring materials. It was and still is one of our top stores in the nation.

After a few years of letting the hardwood flooring stores in Southern California grow, we decided to open a boutique store, without a warehouse, in the heart of North Hollywood. This hardwood floor store in Los Angeles allowed customers the ability to shop in their own back yard. This was our first location that was opened of the sort.

The North Hollywood hardwood floor store was such a success we started opening nothing, but boutique stores. Another simpleFLOORS that sells hardwood floors in Southern California is the Orange store. With this store is directly across from Home Depot and flourishes because our products are the same quality, but often much less expensive.

When you are looking for hardwood floors in Southern California make sure to stop by a simpleFLOORS store in Commerce, North Hollywood, Orange, or San Diego. Each store is set up so you can easily select the perfect hardwood floor for your home.