Hardwood Flooring Types Explained

This rustic looking floor from our Old World Chisel collection is a perfect example of how engineered hardwood floors maintain a traditional solid hardwood look when installed.

In the modern world of flooring there are tons of different hardwood flooring types. The wide range of options often makes people get very, very confused. This blog will explain all types of hardwood and hardwood like flooring products.

The first of the hardwood flooring types we will discuss today is solid hardwood flooring. This type of hardwood flooring is probably the easiest to explain because it is exactly what it sounds. Solid hardwood floors are constructed by milling a piece of raw wood into a piece of flooring. These woods can then be sold as a pre-finsihed hardwood floor or as unfinished hardwood flooring.

Up next on the list is engineered hardwood flooring. Engineered wood floors are made by taking a veneer of the desired wood and slicing it into a thin piece. This veneer is then glued to a plywood sub strait. Quality hardwood floor retailers, such as simpleFLOORS, usually use 9 ply construction (8 plies for the sub strait and 1 ply for the veneer). Just like solid hardwood floors, engineered wood flooring can be sold as pre-finished or unfinished.

While bamboo is a wood (its a grass), it is very similar to other hardwood flooring types so it does belong in any conversation about hardwood floors. Bamboo is sold in three different styles: vertical, horizontal, and strand woven. Vertical and horizontal bamboo are the traditional styles of bamboo flooring and are easily recognizable as bamboo flooring.

Strand woven bamboo is constructed by shredding bamboo strips, dipping them in adhesive, and compressing them into a block. Once the block is formed the strand bamboo is milled into flooring pieces much like the solid hardwood floors we discussed earlier. Strand woven bamboo flooring is very, very hard.

Next up on the hardwood flooring types list is laminate flooring. Laminate hardwoods are not made of real wood, but they look like wood. Laminates are made by taking a photograph of wood and adhering it a high-density fiber core. Laminate wood flooring has come a long way and is now offered in designs that will fool long term flooring professionals. These type of floors are great for people looking for beautiful floors at a great price.

Now that you know all about hardwood flooring types stop by a simpleFLOORS location and check out our large format displays. If you are nice we may even let you walk on them.