Hand-Scraped Hardwood floor

Hand scraped hardwood supplies your home with the grandeur of exotic timbers and a delicate, domestic touch.

Most people looking to install hardwood floors aspire to bring a natural high-end look to their home. So, when selecting between a hand-scraped or smooth textured hardwood floor, it isn’t uncommon that most people to lean towards a smooth texture. The reason is because smooth finished hardwood floors are perceived as having a flawless look that adds an elegant appeal to every area of the home. For the most part, this perception is true. Yet when a dent or scratch is made on a smooth finished hardwood, it noticeably stands out, making your classic hardwood floor suddenly look flawed.

This is why choosing a handscraped hardwood floor is an ideal selection for counteracting imperfections that may arise over time. Many people initially think that the rustic look of a hand-scraped floor diminishes the look of a beautiful high-end home. However, when hand-scraped floors are installed most people can’t help but notice the rich warmth and character that it adds to a space. Each hand-scraped plank possesses an elegant texture that’s completely unique of any other plank. Also, the variety of the textured scrapings mask any nasty imperfections that might be caused by frequent dents and drops. This is especially true for dark hardwood floors. So, when looking for a high-end hardwood floor that maintains a great look over time, indeed hand-scraped floors are the way to go.

Visit a simpleFLOORS store near you in order to decide which style of handscraped hardwood floors would look best in your home. Our collections of handscraped engineered hardwood floors include Old-World Chisel, Vintage Couture, Chattered Delfino, and Vintage Millworks. If you prefer a solid hardwood floor that is hand-scraped, browse through our Reclamation Plank collection.

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