From rustic, eclectic or somewhere in between, there is a style identity for all homes. Now that spring has rolled around, the mood of a room scene is to be ultimately decided by its colors, patterns and d├ęcor. Similar to the fashion concept of clothes, there are invisible guidelines to the color and style of flooring that can accentuate your interior design or leave it high and dry. To properly set the mood, you have to decide whether you want your flooring color to complement or provide contrast to your room scenes.

Determine an interior design theme that's season chic to bring out your home's best look for spring!

Determine an interior design theme that’s season chic to bring out your home’s best look for spring!

Firstly, before you decide to go light or dark, you’ll want to make an analysis of all the color patterns, schemes and prints in all the rooms in your home. Is there a theme to it? Examining the color sphere of your rooms is a valid starting point for determining what the color tone is in your home. From there, you can focus on purchasing floors that maintain the color orientation of your home, or buying a flooring color that boldly contrast it, depending on the look you’re going for.

After you pinpoint the running color theme in your home, it’s time to compare it with your desired flooring color. At this stage, hop in to your nearest simpleFLOORS store, and take a cabinet door, fixture or some other object from your room to match against any floor color you like and see in store. As a room color rule of thumb, warmer colored room scenes, such as red, orange or yellow inspired wall paints are energizing to the eye, while cooler colors such as blue, green and purple are more subdued, and create a calming ambiance indoors. Neutral colors set the middle ground in home design, and include your natural shades of brown and gray.

Depending on the shade and richness of the color palette in your rooms, your room design can fall into a dark, neutral or light category. From a modern design perspective, a flooring color that invigorates your home with the right amount of contrast is the most ideal. If your home possesses lighter color room scenes, (such as oatmeal, yellow, tan, cinnamon, etc.) then you can elect to complement it with deeper toned woods. If your room design falls into the dark color category, then pairing it with a lighter shaded wood flooring option would be a viable choice. Among our lighter toned flooring options are Natural Birch and Natural Oak among others. Many of our floors also possess rich, multicolored undertones, such as Burma Teak and Natural African Walnut from our Vintage Couture hardwood collection, with shades of gold, amber and autumn that add harmony between your flooring, furniture, fixture and all other interior elements.

Getting a flooring color that befits your theme is ideal, but does involve some degree of trial and error. After visiting our store, use our free samples to select up to five shades that you feel match well with your interior tone. Be sure to view them under both artificial and natural light for a true color comparison. Use the aforementioned pointers to help you to narrow your choice down to your favorite.

If you need more information or color therapy, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our personal flooring consultants at 800.220.7112.