Popularity for engineered hardwoods continues to rise year after year in the hardwood flooring industry. This type of flooring supplies the same classic look of any traditional solid hardwood floor for less. Engineered hardwoods additional provide a number of benefits that set them apart from solid hardwoods.

This engineered hardwood floor is Golden Topaz and can be found on simpleFLOORS.com under Old World Chisel.

This engineered hardwood floor is Golden Topaz and can be found on simpleFLOORS’ homepage under Old World Chisel.

One of the main benefits that engineered hardwood flooring offers is increased moisture resistance. We all know that moisture is the number one killer of all hardwood floors, as it can cause them to swell or contract over time, so having hardwood flooring that is more resistant to moisture is ideal. Standard solid wood floors are more likely to get damaged and distorted when they’re installed in more humid climates, such as basements or semi outdoor patios. Moisture resistant floors reduce maintenance costs and decrease the likelihood of having to replace or re-finish your hardwood floor due to high humidity levels.

An additional benefit that engineered hardwood floors provide include low installation costs, a longer life-span, and click-lock technology for easy installation. Most engineered hardwoods come with a prefinished coat of your choice that increases it sturdiness and makes it ready to install immediately. The finish of engineered hardwoods typically outlast that of solid hardwood floor finished on-site while coming with a 25 year finish wear layer warranty.

At simpleFLOORS, we provide many premium quality engineered hardwood floors that include a diverse range of wood species. An abundant assortment of our engineered hardwoods can be found across our avant garde collections, featuring Vintage Couture, Terra Verte, Old World Chisel, Chattered Del Fino, and Vintage Millworks.

If you are interested in looking at any of our engineered hardwood flooring collections, drop in a simpleFLOORS location nearest you or browse through our floors online. Our personal flooring consultants will be glad to provide you with free samples.