Easy to install floors

Floating floors offers a convenient installation option for professionals of all experiences.

There is no doubt the economy is picking up, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all save a dollar or two here and there. That is why we are always asked by do-it-yourselfers what types of easy to install floors does simpleFLOORS sell. Luckily for us we carry a huge selection of floors that are easy to install.

Most of the easy to install floors are ones that can be installed as a floating floor. A floating installation means that you will either click the boards together or you will glue them together. In this type of hardwood installation or laminate installation you don’t have adhere the floors to the ground.

One of the easiest to install floors is the laminate hardwood floors. These are not real hardwoods, but they look and feel like real hardwoods. Laminates are made for people looking for great floors, but don’t have the budget or the lifestyle to get them. They come in many sizes and color options as well.

Another of our easy to install floors would be any of our engineered floors. Engineered hardwoods are floors that are made with a veneer of the desired wood which is attached to a plywood core. This plywood core makes the more stable, which makes them perfect for a floating installation.

If you are installing either of the laminate floors or the engineered hardwood floors as a floating floor, you will start by rolling out a padding. The type of pad is up to you. You can go with a basic padding or you can go with something that has a sound inhibiting quality to it.

Once you get the pad laid out you can start installing the floors. In the case of a laminate you will simply click the boards together according to the manufacturers instructions. In the case of an engineered hardwood you will apply glue to the groove portion of the floor and insert the tongue from the other board into the groove.

Now that you know about the easy to install floors we sell it is time to pick your new floor out. Stop by a simpleFLOORS location or give the call center a call and we will help you choose the right floor for your needs.