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Easy to install floating, staple or glue engineered hardwood floors. Many Americans are looking for easy to install hardwood floors. Back in the day, the only types of floors that most do-it-yourselfers would attempt on their own would be carpet or tile. Installing a hardwood floor was next to impossible for a non-professional hardwood flooring installer; however with the introduction of laminate flooring and engineered hardwood flooring, putting in a new floor is now a relatively easy task. Today we are going to focus on engineered wood flooring.

A few years back it was hard to find flooring that did not need a professional’s special skills, but companies, like simpleFLOORS, sell flooring aimed directly at the do-it-yourselfer looking for easy-to-install flooring. With advancements made in the milling of floors, the tongue and groove systems have become much more user friendly for the person looking for an effortless flooring install option.

If someone is looking for an easily installed real wood product, but is fearful of using a nail gun, then the consumer should look into buying an engineered hardwood product that allows for the floating installation method. Floating a floor does not require the installer to adhere the flooring planks to the sub-floor. The planks are simply glued together at the tongue and groove. Installing a floating floor is almost as easy as putting together a really big jigsaw puzzle.

The best part about floating a floor, for people who have never installed wood flooring before, is that there is room for error. As the flooring is installed, the installer can check each row after they do them. If a minor gap or misalignment is found then the planks can be moved around to correct the problem.

If the installer is putting the floor down using the floating method, they will need tongue and groove glue. The tongue and groove glue that is sold by simpleFLOORS comes in easy to handle bottles with tapered tops. Using these smaller bottles the installer simply needs to apply the glue into the groove and press the tongue into place.
If you are ready to start installing your new floor stop by a local simpleFLOORS location and talk to one of our flooring specialists.