Our esteemed bamboo, cork and Eucalyptus floor collections are both eco-friendly and elegantly-styled.

Happy Earth Day! As we celebrate the Earth today, (April 22nd) for all its green glory and habituates, we also look to ways that we can live in harmony with all of its complex ecosystems. Here at simpleFLOORS, it is of utmost importance that our products and distribution processes are eco-friendly. For reasons like these, we’re proud to offer sustainable flooring options that are design-conscious and environmentally-safe. To reinforce our ecological commitment, our manufacturing process is CARB compliant.

In our lines of sustainable products are bamboo, cork and Eucalyptus flooring, which are by far the most durable and renewable in our stock. Our bamboo flooring is harvested from bamboo grass, a plant that has a remarkable rate of regeneration, and provides exceptional longevity in home. Our quality-grade Premium Green Collection of strand-woven bamboo introduces sustainability into the home with eclectic designs and an inviting handscraped texture option. Our EnviroCork collection of cork floors are harvested from the outer layers of cork trees, which also enjoy a high rate of regeneration and growth. They also make great in-home additions for their durability, flexibility and convenience. Last but not least is our Eucalyptus flooring. Ideal for hardwood seekers, our Eucalyptus flooring is cultivated from the Eucalyptus tree, which grows more rapidly and abundantly than traditional hardwood species. Such sustainable species, as our Lapacho Eucalyptus engineered hardwood, is also preserved by its exotic beauty and longevity.

Tying our premium-grade product offerings together is a clean, green-wise distribution process. SimpleFLOORS’ manufacturing is CARB compliant, indicating that it exceeds the environmental standards set forth by the California Air Resources Board. We maintain this by adhering to environmental regulations set forth by the European Union, which are much more stringent than U.S requirements.

We’re proud to tribute green products and service that not only serve our community, but acknowledges Mother Earth. Learn more about simpleFLOORS sustainable product offerings on site or through our knowledgeable personal flooring consultants at 800.220.7112.