Do I need to acclimate my laminate floors

Contrary to popular belief, all floors, including laminates, require acclimation.

If we don’t get asked “Do I need to acclimate my laminate floors,” everyday then there is a pretty good chance we are closed for the day. This is seriously one of the easiest questions to answer because it is always yes.

Sadly though, we run across a bunch of fly-by-night installers who tell you that you don’t have to acclimate laminate floors. They will tell you it isn’t real wood so it doesn’t matter. However, they won’t tell you that if you don’t acclimate your laminate floors you will most likely be voiding your warranty.

So, why do I need to acclimate my laminate floors? Because, even though they are not real wood they do have materials in them that can change based on the relative humidity in our home. If you take the laminate hardwood floors from a hot, dry warehouse and put them in your cool, damp home there is a chance the humidity in your home will cause the laminate to grow a little bit. Now, we are talking about nothing that could be visible to the naked eye, but if it is installed before it takes on the humidity in the home it could cause buckling in your floors.

That opposite could happen as well if the floors are being stored in a damp warehouse in the middle of winter and you bring them to your dry heated home. If the floors are installed without an acclimation time this could cause the flooring to pull apart which may cause gaps.

Acclimation times vary based on manufacturers, but most are between 48 and 72 hours. This acclimation of the laminate floors needs to be done inside the home or business where the floors are being laid down.

SO, now you have the answer to “Do I need to acclimate my laminate floors?” If anyone tries to tell you differently, thank them for their time and head to your local simpleFLOORS location. We will treat you right, because we know floors.