A simpleFLOORS room scene, created by user @trinirockstar on Polyvore

This simpleFLOORS room scene was created by user @trinirockstar on Polyvore, featuring SF’s Barcelona engineered hardwood from the new Antiguo collection.

Creating the perfect interior design scheme first involves coordinating your room with the colors, flooring and accessories you need to bring your vision to life. And if you’re shopping for floors and want a feel for the look and style they’ll present in your home, it gets surprisingly easy with Polyvore. With a snip here and a clip there, you can create various room scenes and styles using simpleFLOORS flooring, and in addition, add furniture, paint colors and accessories from other retailers you find in Polyvore’s database.

If you’re shopping simpleFLOORS, Polyvore will allow you to select your favorite floor picks from the simpleFLOORS website and try them on for size and style while creating a virtual room scene. You can easily do this by using Polyvore’s clipping tool and adding your desired simpleFLOORS floor to your Polyvore library. If you don’t have a Polyvore account, you can register, or log in with Facebook to get you started.

How To Create A simpleFLOORS Room Scene on Polyvore

  •  First, Follow this link: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/bloggers.clip.
  • Drag the ‘Clip to Polyvore’ link to the bookmarks section of your browser.
  • Go to www.simplefloors.com and select the floor you want to add to Polyvore.
  • Click the ‘Clip to Polyvore’ link in the Bookmarks bar (You should see a window pop up saying ‘Select Images & Like This Item’).
  • Change the title, add tags (wood flooring, hardwood, etc), and add price (if you want).
  • Press the Like Button to add it to Polyvore.
  • Go back to your Polyvore profile and navigate to the ‘Likes’ tab.
  • To create a room scene with the floor, hit the ‘Create’ button in the header.

Following our listed steps, you should have a perfectly polished simpleFLOORS room scene for the entire Poly-world to view.

Get a head start on mashing different colors, patterns and styles together while showcasing your unique decorating personality. As always, contact our personal flooring consultants at 800.220.7112 to help bring your designer’s intuition to life.