Cheap Hardwood Floors

We’re happy to provide our quality-guaranteed flooring at low prices.

simpleFLOORS offers up a wide range of inexpensive hardwood floors, but not one of the would be considered cheap hardwood floors. Now of course most people think cheap and inexpensive are pretty much the same thing, but at the of the day there is a huge difference.

Cheap hardwood floors usually are made from inferior woods and will come with a lot of defects like worm holes, finish issues, or even milling issues. Cheap engineered hardwood floors will often come with a sub-standard core that will splinter while you install. Many times cheap floors will actually cost you more money in the long run then buying a good quality floor at a great price.

simpleFLOORS specializes in selling only high-quality, factory first floors. Our prices may seem cheap, but the quality is expensive. Each collection of hardwood floors sold by any simpleFLOORS store comes with at least 8 coats of aluminum oxide/polyurethane finish. Our finishes are water based which means very low VOC levels. All of our solid hardwoods woods and engineered wood cores are kilned dried to make sure they hold their shape for years to come.

Every flooring plank that comes from out main supplier, CFS, is hand inspected and packed to make sure that nothing inferior gets into the box. We pride ourselves on selling you a product that every plan is usable. This fact alone means you can usually get away with much less waste than many of our competitors who sell cheap wood.

All of our inexpensive wood floors comes with a 25 year wear warranty and our engineered wood floors come with a lifetime structural warranty. We dare you to find products with the same quality as ours at a lower price. If you do find something comparable we will price match when possibe.

If you are looking or cheap hardwood floors feel free to look elsewhere, but if you want inexpensive hardwood floors stop by one of our showrooms or give our eSales team a call. We will hook you up with great floors at a great price.