Amherst Elm

Amherst Elm offers a vintage look for rustically-inspired abodes.

Anyone who reads these blogs knows we don’t like to use the word cheap engineered hardwood floors, but sometimes to get your attention we have to stoop to our competitions level. Now that we have your attention. We would like to discuss out line of smooth engineered elm floors.

These cheap engineered hardwood floors are part of the Terre Verte Collection. This is a high quality collection that comes as a 1/2″ thick and 5″ wide plank coated with an 8 coat mixture of aluminum oxide and polyurethane. These finish compares to the best finishes applied by those expensive national brands. We feel so good about our hardwood floor finish that we slap it with a 25 year warranty.

Our version of elm cheap engineered hardwood floors come in four beautiful colors: Amherst, Canton, Bandera, and Desoto. Each color offers a brilliant tone and hue to match nearly any design pallet. The grain is similar to oak, but looks less rustic and more modern. Elm is great for people looking for an engineered wood floor with a little bit of character.

Visit your local simpleFLOORS showroom and see for yourself why our inexpensive engineered hardwood floors are better then most company’s expensive hardwood floors. If you don’t live near a store give our eSales team a call and they will shoot you some free samples.