This bamboo floor from our Nature Strand-Woven collection possesses many feng shui qualities that can enhance the positive energy of your flooring space.

We all know that bamboo plants make for very sustainable flooring options, but did you know that the bamboo plant is also used as a popular method of feng shui?

The bamboo plant is considered lucky because of its vitality, flexibility, and strong growth. This rapidly growing Eco-friendly plant is commonly used in feng shui being that it provides a wise and peaceful system of energy in any environment. Most followers of feng shui use a live bamboo plant because it possesses all five natural elements of feng shui which includes earth, water, fire, wood and metal.

Bamboo flooring also stimulates chi and compliments the natural flow of energy feng shui provides.

At simpleFLOORS we carry three collections of bamboo flooring which include 3’ Wide Plank, Nature Strand Woven, and Strand Woven Wire Brushed. These sustainable floors are extremely durable and will bring an attractive exotic look to any flooring space. If you are interested in an elegant floor that conveys positive energy, stop by your nearest simpleFLOORS location or give one of our personal flooring consultants a call at 800.220.7112.