good laminate hardwood floors

Our laminate flooring provides a valuable buy for all budgets, while offering the authentic look of traditional hardwoods.

There is a huge difference between low cost best laminate hardwood floors and cheap laminate floors. For one, a good low cost laminate floor should last you 15-25 years no problem. But a cheap laminate might last you a year if you are lucky.

simpleFLOORS offers a wide range of high-quality, best laminate hardwood floors at a very reasonable price. We have 12mm and 8mm, but nothing thinner than that because you can’t really get a good quality laminate thinner than 8mm. Anything less than 8mm is only good if you don’t plan on walking on the floor much.

Check out our huge selection of best laminate hardwood floors and see for yourself. We have stores Southern California, Northern California, Oregon, Washington State, Florida, Georgia, Texas, and Canada. Most of our stores are locally owned and operated and they pride themselves on personalized customer service.