Artisan Floors Terre Verte Acacia Walnut IV

Engineered hardwoods from our Terre Verte collection possess the authentic grandeur of our solid hardwoods with a fraction of the expense.

Many homeowners want to know what the best engineered hardwood floors are when you want to make an impression. While simpleFLOORS carries a ton of colors and styles that are sure to leave an impression one of our favorites is our Terre Verte Acacia Walnut. Man, does this floor make an impression!

This engineered acacia hardwood floor is made from the acacia tree and is sometimes called Chinese Walnut or African Walnut. Acacia is a tree that grows across the globe and hits maturity faster than most other woods of its density. One of the reasons we believe it is one of the best engineered floors for people looking to make an impression is because of the elegant beauty the variation in color brings to any room.

This variation in colors and hue make this a great engineered hardwood for a consumer looking for a high-end looking home. The variation makes for a very dramatic effect when people walk in for the first time. For the Terre Verte Acacia Walnut we take the natural acacia and add a slight golden tint to add a little more depth to this very character rich wood.

If you want to see for yourself why the Acacia Walnut is one of the best engineered hardwood floors when you are trying to make an impression click here for more pictures. And see that this floor is constructed as a 9-ply engineered hardwood, has a finish consisting of 8 coats aluminum oxide/polyurethane, and comes with a 25 year wear warranty and a life time warranty on the structure.