A less conventional flooring option than both hardwood and laminate, bamboo floors put an ultramodern shift in the design. Bamboo flooring is heavily reputed for the flexibility, security and versatility it adds to any project. Sourced renewable, bamboo floors create an eco-friendly interior atmosphere. The construction and overall structural integrity of these floors are tributes to the harvest of natural bamboo.

Natural bamboo grass

Bamboo floors are harvested renewable from bamboo grass, which is highly durable and sustainable.


A versatile and durable plant, bamboo has been used for decades in the building of homes, and other structures due to its exceptional density and rigidness. This plant is brought by ways of Southeast Asia and parts of Northern Africa, and can grow and thrive in a variety of soils and climates. What’s most remarkable about bamboo is its rate of growth and regeneration. A typical bamboo stalk will reach maturity between four and six years and can grow to as tall as 70 feet tall. This attribute to bamboo makes it highly sustainable, and easy to convert to flooring with customized techniques.

Our bamboo flooring is hand selected after six years of growth. After the bamboo is harvested its dried and made into flooring. Several techniques are exercised that ensure bamboo’s natural essence (color, construction and texture) is preserved in solid and engineered wood form. These applied methods are illustrated in our handscraped bamboo, strand-woven bamboo and strand-woven wire-brushed bamboo floor offerings. The hand-scraped method effectively brings out the beauty and strength of bamboo, executed by professional artisans who scrape the surface of each bamboo plank to reveal a distressed wood look. The strand-woven and strand-woven wire-brushed techniques entail an extensive meshing and carbonizing process that is done by machine, which compresses multiple bamboo stalks to reveal a culmination of exotic vertical grains.

There is more to bamboo than meets the eye. In opting for bamboo floors for your home, you’ll be assured by its unique design and sustainable appeal that it’s well worth the investment. Call our personal flooring consultants direct at 1.800.220.7112 to place an order or request samples.