When choosing a new hardwood floor, one of the most important things to consider is what it will take to repair or restore the particular floor to its original glory. Over time, all hardwoods reach a point when scratches and other abrasions throughout the years cause them to need repair or reconstruction to maintain their classic elegance. For flooring options such as tile and carpet, repairs to the existing floor often cost about the same as the construction costs do. However, this is not the case for hardwood flooring. Being set apart from other types of flooring, hardwood floors are easily restored to their natural splendor due to the fact that they can be re-finished several times.

The look of traditional timbers like Acacia can be revived through re-finishing.

The look of traditional timbers like Acacia can be revived through re-finishing.

When it comes to re-finishing your solid hardwood or engineered hardwood floor, there are many advantages to consider. The most obvious advantage to consider is the price. It is almost always cheaper to re-finish hardwood as opposed to replacing it. The costs of replacing the wood can be highly expensive when factoring in the price of wood plus the additional costs that its installation would require. Refinishing your hardwood floor not only improves the interior beauty of your home, but also increases its market value, adding to the re-sale value of your property just as much as installing new floors would.

Re-finishing your hardwood floors also allows you to recover any damage inflicted by moisture, scratches, dents, chemicals, and direct sunlight. Moisture is the number one enemy of all hardwood floors, as it can completely destroy the look of your floors as it causes them to swell and warp over time. Re-finishing floors damaged by water eliminates the moisture from each plank, which helps to greatly extend the life of your hardwood floor. In addition to eliminating scratches, dents, and other signs of wear and tear, re-finishing supplies a brand new look that is certain to revitalize the energy of any room.

As our environmental impact advances, we learn there are many ways in which the dynamics and sophistication of wood floors plays not only in our interior design, but also in our health, happiness and overall well-being. Re-finishing your floors provides just the touch you need to ignite your inner space with a more positive and natural form of energy.

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