Sao Paulo Ipe

This Sao Paulo Ipe exotic hardwood floor from our Passport Collection II makes any room into a designer showcase.

More and more people today are requesting solid hardwood floors that are not as susceptible to dents and deep impressions over time. What many people are realizing is that traditional solid hardwood floors such as oaks and maples are more vulnerable to being dented or marked by heavy furniture over time. If you are looking for a solid hardwood floor that is not as prone to denting over time, you should look at simpleFLOORS Sao Paulo Ipe flooring from the Passport II Collection.

This solid hardwood floor comes from the exotic Brazilian Rosewood tree which is known to yield an exceptionally hard wood with a distinctive grain pattern. This wood species is fairly uncommon due to the historical over-harvesting which prevented it from being a popular flooring option until recently. However, in the past several years Rosewood Trees are being grown on sustainable farms allowing them to become a popular flooring option.

The Rosewood name is not derived from the color of the tree. Rather, it gets its name from its distinctive, rose-like scent. This combination of a rosy scent along with a warm chestnut coloration in the wood gives any room a spring-like atmosphere year after year. This solid hardwood features a premium-grade smooth wide-plank that is ¾” thick and 4 ¾” wide. Each plank has a Janka Hardness Rating of 2800 lbs, and comes with a 25 year warranty.

Visit your own simpleFLOORS showroom today and see for yourself why this exceptionally durable hardwood floor would make a great compliment to any room in the house for years and years. If you don’t live near a store give our e-sales team a call and they will send you some free samples.