Springtime is the time of year in which gardening, woodworking and completing indoor and outdoor home remodeling projects are in full swing. As such projects begin, you’ll likely find yourself on a quest for a refreshing design turnaround in the home, and opting for new selections in flooring, furniture and other room accessories. Our new Aged Betula Collection of engineered hardwood floors is in bloom for the season to assist in giving the housewarming you desire for old friends and new guests. Aged Betula, named for its perpetual beauty and charm, adds appeal for the living room, kitchens, and even basement, attic and patio projects, and offers several benefits that extend beyond its surface.


Aged Betula offers a springtime wave of warmth and comfort for modern interior design.

Aged Betula offers a springtime wave of warmth and comfort for modern interior design.


Aged Betula can be called a treasured gem amidst our engineered hardwood floor offerings. This collection of four floors: Auburn, Concord, Hazleton and Lexington, integrates a mix of natural colors and styles that bring out a designer’s best-face for spring. This contemporary engineered hardwood collection features a premium-grade engineered hardwood construction, with an elegant Birch hardwood veneer that is reinforced with a sturdy 5-ply wood composition. Aside from being exceptionally durable, Aged Betula floors bring natural warmth and character to the home. Adding to the aforementioned, there are three key qualities for which Aged Betula is honorably distinguished.

1) Appearance Blends Classic and Contemporary Designs

Aged Betula floors incorporate contemporary flooring styles, yet still hold true to traditional design preferences with handscraped textural techniques. This empowers the home with the perfect assortment of classic and modern appeal.

2) Offers Strength and Flexibility for Any Project

Because these floors are engineered hardwood, they provide the flexibility for installation in any area of the home, on grade, above grade or below grade. This makes them an optimal choice for all applications indoor, and even some outdoor.

3) Boasts Environmental Certification and Compliance

The Aged Betula Collection of engineered hardwood floors is certified sustainable and satisfies the eco-friendly requirements set forth by Lacey and CARB acts, as well as sustainable forest sources.
There are plenty more reasons to install Aged Betula in your abode. Contact our personal flooring consultants at 800.220.7112 for samples, questions or comments.