Take care of your floors and they will take care of you!

Take care of your floors and they will take care of you!

In maintaining any floor, there is often a good amount of TLC involved, and with hardwood the subject of wood floor care is extremely important. Even after you take the highest precautions to clean and upkeep them, it is all too common for scratches, dents and other damage to arise. Although avoiding these might seem inevitable, there are a number of methods for you to keep your floors gleaming while taking care of any imperfections that may happen.

Keep in mind, special care and maintenance is necessary for any type of floor you have. Regardless of the type you have, there are protective measures that apply for all. In every case, it is suggested that you take special precautions to clean and care for them. Here are a few wood floor care tips we would like to share;

Care and Repair

All wood floors require special attentiveness, as any kind of damage can leave a lasting impact if not corrected. To best upkeep your floors, use the following bullets as a guide.

Cleaning: (Hardwood, Bamboo, Cork and Laminate)

*Vacuum, dust and sweep the floors often (we recommend once to twice a week)

*Wipe all spills immediately to avoid blemishing your floor; use a micro-felt pad or soft dry cloth to collect any dirt and moisture that might be tracked onto it (As a rule of thumb, never use a wet-mop or Swiffer duster on a hardwood floor. Wet-mops add an excessive amount of moisture to the floor which can inadvertently damage it, while a Swiffer duster can spread any existing dirt and cause scratching.)

*Avoid directly applying any products with ammonia, vinegar, detergent, bleach, oil, or wax ingredients, as they can wear and tear the appearance of your flooring over time.

Repairing Scratches, Dents and Bruises: (Hardwood, Bamboo, Cork and Laminate)

*To prevent scratches and dents, place felt pads under your furniture and avoid hauling sharp, heavy objects across the surface or walking across in shoes with heels or cleats. Also, use scattered rugs as opposed to rubber-back rugs to prevent sliding and scratching. They help to maintain the color and composure of your flooring.

General Maintenance: (Hardwood, Bamboo, Cork and Laminate)

*Limit the humidity in your home to 30-50%. Humidity, next to water, is the number one enemy of wood flooring, and can cause them to warp and become distorted over time.

*If you have pets, have their nails trimmed in order to avoid any casualties to the floor

*Use an approved wood flooring cleaner (Bona, for example) periodically to maintain luster and reverse any dull or damaged areas in the floor

Your flooring plays a pivotal role in your overall home’s appeal and design. Taking care of them by keeping them clean, preventing damage and providing general maintenance will preserve their natural beauty and longevity.